Full Moon has been a pioneer in haunted house production in Kansas City since it’s inception in 1975.

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The Beast Haunted House

Established in  1991, The Beast is known throughout the industry for it’s elaborate scenes and attention to detail.  The Beast pioneered the “open format,” where you’re not in a line, you’re wandering through the scenes, never knowing when an actor or activated device will rock into action.

It takes about 45 minutes to one hour to walk through The Beast – IF you don’t get lost in the fog in the werewolf forest, stuck in a maze or pulled through the light in the three story tower.  There werewolf forest is a full ¼ acre in size, the storm scene’s thunder and lightning will make your hair stand on end, the cobblestone streets of Jack the Ripper’s London will seduce you, beware the raging wolf!  And don’t forget the swamp with its blood thirsty alligators.  The exit is a four story slide, it’s straight down and blazing fast.

The Edge of Hell Haunted House

Established in 1975, The Edge of Hell began as Kansas City’s oldest and best haunted house and has molded into a national model for celebrating the Halloween season. 

This converted five story warehouse is the Granddaddy of em’ all, and with good reason.  It offers a 30 minute, quarter mile walk-thru of sensory stimulation.  It’s many scenes are elaborate and detailed and with a cast of over 45 “live” performers including two of the largest Anacondas in North American captivity.  Don’t miss the Purgatory scene, walk across an authentic swinging rope bridge, crawl into the graveyard and run through Dracula’s living room.  Ascend to Heaven where you confront your sins then it’s down the five story slide into the arms of the Devil himself.  Can you make it through hell and back?

The Chambers of Poe Haunted House

Can you face the madness?  Witness the dark writings, tales, and poems come to life in the haunted Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe.  Be a part of your favorite nightmarish tales like the Raven, The House of Usher, Rue Morgue, The Black Cat and more!  Experience the feelings of being buried alive, suffocating, or claustrophobia to the extreme.  Come journey through the imaginative and twisted tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

The Chambers of Poe has been rumored to be haunted by the building’s former owner who died tragically in 2005 and this season the Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab will come to investigate the many haunting stories.  In addition the Chambers of Poe offers local students the opportunity to experience the many writings of Edgar Allan Poe by actually walking through his stories and participating in a curriculum written by certified teachers.

Macabre Cinema Haunted House

Are you ready to go from the screen to SCREAM?  Welcome to Macabre Cinema, Don’t just watch it, LIVE the action of classic and contemporary horror scenes on your 45 minute – one hour adventure through our haunted 1930’s movie theater.  Macabre Cinema continues the open format of the Beast Haunted House (opened in 1991)through more than 30 dramatic scenes housed throughout the 4 floors and, if you dare, the dungeon.  Lights, Action, SCREAM!

Macabre Cinema has original Hollywood movie sets from the Hellraiser and the Mummy and various props from other contemporary and classic horror favorites.

Kansas City Ghost and Gangster Tours

Come join us as we tour by coach past historic Kansas City landmarks with legendary paranormal activity and infamous mafia mayhem!

Join us and see…

Hotel Savoy, the oldest continuously operated hotel west of the Mississippi, rumored to be haunted by Betsy Ward, an old woman who passed away in room 505 and never moved out.

The location of several bombings in the late 1970’s, attributed to organized crimes struggle for power.

St. Mary’s Church where the ghost of Father Henry David Jardine is said to haunt in an effort to clear his good name after his untimely death was ruled a suicide.

The bullet holes that still remain from the massacre of four law enforcement officers and a fugitive at the Union Station railroad depot in Kansas City, Missouri on the morning of June 17, 1933.

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