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How To Have The Best Road Trip In And Around Kansas City

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J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, by Henri-L

We’re almost at the tail-end of summer, but if you haven’t had a chance to go on vacation yet, there’s still time to do so. You don’t even have to travel far because one of the more popular ways to go on vacation nowadays is to take a road trip that’s just near your home. This is what a lot of people are planning to do as a survey shows that over 21% of Americans plan to go on a road trip within 500 miles of their homes. Thankfully, there is no shortage of fun things to do around Kansas City. If you’re interested in doing just that, here’s a guide on how to plan your ideal Kansas City road trip.

Preparation is Key

Whether you’re planning to travel just within Kansas City or spend some time in areas nearby, it is important to begin your road trip with a solid plan. Having a clear plan, especially when it comes to route and destination, ensures that you do not waste your time and fuel. As a matter of fact, a survey shows that those who plan their trips at least four months ahead spend at least $76 less than those who only plan their trips within a month. As such, when planning your trip, plot your route in advance and determine how much time you’d need for your trip. Kansas City is ideal for a day trip, but if you plan to go to nearby areas as well, you might need more time for your travel.

You also need to do your research to see if any destination that you aim to visit would require you to pay fees. Make sure that your vehicle is fine-tuned and its fuel is still fresh to avoid any issues with it while on the road, too. Gas has a shelf life, so you’ll need to get the stale fuel out of the tank and replace it with fresh gas to avoid problems on your trip. This way, you will ensure that your budget for your trip is spent on things that you actually planned to do.

Make a Budget for Your Trip

Another important part of your trip is your budget. Having a sufficient budget will ensure that you do not skimp on items that may cost money just because you are running low on cash. Fortunately, a road trip around Kansas City does not have to cost too much. The average cost of a 3-day trip around Kansas City is around $1,551 for a family of four, but a huge chunk of this amount is dedicated to lodging and public transport. As such, if you are planning to go on a single day trip and you have your own vehicle, you would actually need less than that. 

When creating your budget, allocate enough money for your essentials, such as food and fuel. Then, try to see if the attractions you plan to visit would need you to pay fees, too. If they do, set aside money for those as well. Finally, make sure that you have sufficient funds for miscellaneous costs, such as parking fees, unforeseen toll charges, as well as unplanned stopovers. Having a sufficient budget will enable you to enjoy a stress-free trip. 

Exploring is Everything

There are so many things that Kansas City has to offer, and going on a road trip is one way to explore everything that it has to offer. From its historic barbeque restaurants and local breweries to its parks and gardens, there is something to do for everyone. If you’re traveling with your kids, you can let them explore Penguin Park or let them experience interacting with animals at the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. You can also focus your road trip on the museums in the area, such as the Evel Knievel Museum, the Missouri Town 1855, the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

If you’re up to travel outside Kansas City for a quick get-away, you can also visit Lake of the Ozarks, which is just a three-hour drive from the city. This is one of the best fishing lakes in the country, and it also offers a lot of water-based activities that you and your family can enjoy. If you don’t mind heights, you can also travel to St. Louis and ride a tram 63 stories up the Gateway Arch, which provides a great view of the Mississippi River.

Summer trips do not have to be time-consuming and costly. Kansas City alone has a lot to offer. As long as you carefully plan your road trip around the area and its neighboring towns, you will definitely have a trip worth remembering.