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4 Great Ways For Teachers To Gain Free Resources

As a teacher, your weekends are usually filled with lesson planning, marking homework, and picking up supplies for the upcoming week. With funding for classroom supplies at an all-time low, it has become even more important to seek out free teacher resources, so that you aren’t out of pocket. According to a study, more and more teachers are using their own money to supplement classroom funding, so we’re here to help you discover more ways to get thrifty! Discover some of the following great resources for your classroom today, and you will survive the budget cuts no matter how much they continue to tighten.

Fundraising Techniques

You could organize a local school supplies drive and get as many parents, teachers, and investors involved as possible. Using social media platforms to advertise your fundraising event, you could encourage people in your city or town to donate resources to your classroom. From pencils to art supplies, there are so many ways that people can get involved to help their local school. You could also get the children involved in marketing the event; set a creative project which involves making flyers and this will encourage even more people to support the event.

Explore Freebies

There are plenty of free resources right underneath your nose, so now is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on these things. Instead of throwing away your recycling around the home, you could add these to the art supply cupboard. You could also ask your students to donate specific recycling items to the classroom too. Check out any local recycling centers which might be able to donate books, clothing, or classroom supplies. Don’t forget to use the power of the internet to request any specific supplies you might be looking for; you would be surprised at how helpful and kind the online community can be! Learn more here.

Gain Sponsorships

Reach out to local businesses in your area and see if they are able to sponsor your class. You could use their logos on your school sports shirts or put up posters in your classroom in exchange for sponsorship funds. Asking around local stores and businesses may help you to boost the classroom resources you need.


Putting your classroom up for adoption might seem like an interesting and novel idea, but it has helped many teachers raise some much-needed funds for their students. By logging onto the “Adopt-A-Classroom” website, you can explain the supplies you’re looking for, so that local donors, businesses, or parents can contribute towards your needs. Whether you’re looking to purchase books, cooking supplies, or decorations, there are so many different things you can request.
The following ideas will certainly help your classroom stand the test of time when the purse strings are tight. Whether you’re putting your classroom up for adoption, or you’re organizing a fundraising event, all of these ideas will help you to raise some much-needed funds for your classroom. Getting creative and discovering new ideas to raise money for your classroom supplies will not only help your students to maintain the learning environment they deserve, but will also prevent you from spending