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Many Great Jobs Don’t Require A College Degree!

As college degrees seem to become more ubiquitous among the population, and as some (but certainly not all) may require a qualification like this to get your foot in the door, the days of people considering college as a necessity are vastly dwindling.
This is because questions surrounding the real utility of taking on so much debt in an institution and the ability for alternate educational or training pathways to be found are making people question – do I really need to go to college after all?
The truth is that while college can provide something of an advantage and can help you develop as a student, no, college degrees are in no way a ‘must’ unless you hope to train in a specific field that requires this as standard (such as the medical or legal industries).

What alternatives exist?

There are many pathways to the highest-paying job you may wish to take on. Job growth can come from the following avenues:

Online Courses

It’s true to say that online courses are becoming more popular thanks to the ability to plan your work hours and the amount of accredited online colleges you can gain qualifications from. This can work out much cheaper than attending a bricks-and-mortar institution.

Vocational Training Programs

These are highly specific and industry-targeted vocational training efforts that help you work and train full time as an apprentice or beginner. They can help you begin learning the ins and outs of a trade almost immediately.
Many programs, like this plumbing training program, pay a competitive wage while teaching you on the job!

Community College

Community colleges can provide a range of worthwhile qualifications by offering lesser course lengths than standard bachelor’s degree programs. They can be highly technical or provide foundational training for education you may wish to take on later.

Work Training Plans & Apprenticeships

Some companies are happy to take on new recruits and train them as well as they can as they grow throughout the firm. Even businesses like McDonald’s have developed well-tracked management programs to allow those with initiatives to become more qualified with worthwhile promotions going forward. Entering an entry-level position may not be as dead-end as you’ve been led to believe.
Some of the best trades start with apprenticeships. Electrical and plumbing apprenticeships can lead you to earn a great salary, and are the most popular means of gaining this skillset.


The military is of course a job in itself, but they are also known for providing worthwhile courses, sometimes fully paid college degrees or technical qualifications, as part of your service. You need not join as infantry, as the military offers a wide array of vocations and roles that can train your technical potential going forward. Military contracts are always limited, so this need not be a full career path if you don’t want it to be.


You’ll be surprised at just how many people are making a living via online stores, content creation, freelance work, and of course, crafting their own startups by providing online services of note. With the internet, free social media as marketing, and managed IT services outfitting any self-employed company more easily than ever if you can’t find an opportunity you wish for, perhaps you can create it.
With this advice, you’re sure to see that many great jobs don’t require a college degree.