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Growth Of A Metropolitan Missouri: Developments In Kansas City

Kansas City remains a city in development. With an average population growth of around 73% each year and another 400,000 residents expected by the year 2040, the need for expansion and development remains an active one in this bustling metropolitan area. In response, key government agencies have been public in their commitment to public planning, with many setting forth impressive if lofty goals for the city over the course of the next several years. Balancing residential, business, and environmental interests, these agendas should contribute to a bountiful city environment that citizens will continue to flock to in upcoming years.


A booming residential and renter-friendly market has seen a number of residential projects slated for the next several years. Central Kansas City has undergone a fair amount of land clearing to prepare for apartment complexes to accommodate the growing renter market. Around the inner-city Overland Park region, renters will have an ample selection of short-term and long-term lease apartments located near new and old business centers alike. Additional development is anticipated in this region to accommodate the growing renter population.
Homeowners have also received a fair amount of attention in development plans, especially in and around the Northeastern regions of Kansas City. Suburban neighborhoods, senior living, and apartment blocks are all in various stages of development, setting the stage for families to settle. Nearby land here has been further designated for public works projects to accommodate these residential regions, including medical centers, grocery stores, and at least three separate schools young new families can take advantage of. Naturally, these projects vary in their timelines with some near completion and others just in the proposal stage, so potential homeowners will need to stay updated on these ongoing projects throughout the start of the 2020’s.


Kansas City has a reputation of being a business-friendly city, and plans for future land development do not suggest any change in the near future. In recent years, the city has seen the development of several impressive projects in this field, including the recently completed warehousing and logistics park adjacent to the Kansas City Airport after more than five years in planning. Going forward, high-profile companies such as Garmin and Niagara are expected to see expansions within the city. Docks regions in the Southwest of the city should also be finished in the next few years, further expanding the market for both large and small businesses.


As the city expands, the Forestry Division of the Kansas City Parks and Recreation department has highlighted the need to set aside land for the development of natural spaces. With an eye on environmental issues such as global warming and increasing energy demands, the department has set forth a goal to increase canopy coverage of the city area by 4% at the very least. This focus on environmentalism suggests that businesses and residents can expect to see more land allocated for natural development. However, this green focus is not anticipated to inhibit the planned development of business or residential regions throughout and around the city.
With ongoing residential, business, and environmental development slated to continue for the next several years, Kansas City is looking to support its growing population for the foreseeable future. If all projects are to go according to plan, by 2040 citizens should have available to them a plethora of public services vital to thriving in the current age. These diverse developments should ultimately work together to promote a higher quality of life for the families, the businesses, and the natural world residing in and around the metropolitan area.