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Hey KC, Take the 50/50 Tip Challenge!

The challenge is on!

The 50/50 Challenge is a way to help tipped service industry workers in KC area (like servers, hair stylists, barbers, massage therapists and pet groomers) get back on their feet as they return to work. It challenges those who are able to tip 50% on meals and services for 50 days, to help make up for income lost during the COVID-19 shutdown.

The 50/50 Tip Challenge was the idea of Cuy Mauck, President of Chisholm Trail State Bank. He wanted to create a way for people like himself who were able to work through the shutdown to help those who could not.

“These are the people we rely on every day, who haven’t been able to work during the COVID-19 crisis,” he said. “They’re some of the hardest-working people in our economy, and so important in our lives. Now it’s time for those of us who were able to work to step up and make them whole.”

The 50/50 Tip Challenge: 3 Ways to Support Workers in KC

Not everyone will be able to tip 50% for 50 days, but there are plenty of other ways to help by raising awareness. Every social media share or conversation makes a difference.

The 50/50 Tip Challenge is not limited to KC; it’s nationwide, so spread the word!

1. Take the 50/50 Tip Challenge!

Commit to 50% tips for 50 days. This applies to any worker who is usually tipped. There is no need to post receipts—the 50/50 Tip Challenge is all on the honor system.

2. Challenge others!

Challenge colleagues, clients, employees, business contacts, friends and family. The 50/50 Challenge website provides downloadable and printable Challenge Cards to hand out with a business card or send digitally. The site also offers email templates and social media resources.

3. Spread the word on social media!

The 50/50 Tip Challenge website has a social media toolkit with sample posts and downloadable images you can use. You can tag your friends and family to challenge them, and share content from the 50/50 Tip Challenge’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

For more information, visit https://5050tipchallenge.com/.