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Steel Shelving is the Top-of-the-Line

Why Metal Shelving is Optimum for Your Industrial Storage Needs

Ability to Access Items Quickly

Warehouses have the capacity to store many items, so being able to organize them with storage solutions will not only look tidier but will be far easier to locate a particular object quickly and efficiently. 

Keeps Business Running Efficiently

When you are running a business and have a team of staff working in the warehouse you want them to be able to locate items in a quick and safe manner. If they are able to see the items that are stacked in the shelving system it will ensure they can grab the necessary items and organize them for them to be packaged and distributed accordingly. This will ensure your goods are shipped off in time. 

Safety of Staff

Due to the constant hectic pace in a warehouse and the use of heavy machinery, it provides a safe storage solution for goods so that there is no risk of items falling off the shelves and injuring staff. The goods will also not be exposed to damage if they remain tight and secure on the shelves. 

Maximize Storage Space

The good thing about steel shelving is that you are able to use up every inch of space within your warehouse with the ability to stack the shelving system upwards with add-on units. This allows you to store as many items as possible without compromising on floor space. 

Optimum Storage Needs

Due to the lightweight steel, this enables shelving units to be built in an efficient manner. Its durability means it will last for long periods of time without rusting easily and can be built according to what is needed for a shelving system in the warehouse. 

Different Types of Storage Solutions

Heavy Duty Shelving

This is optimum for heavy objects that would otherwise cause a lighter shelving storage solution to collapse with the excess weight. It is also referred to as industrial shelving due to its strong and stable support system which makes it optimum for use in a warehouse or factory setting.  

Light Duty Shelving

Suitable for use in either a commercial or residential setting, this type of shelving is easy to install and assemble due to the lack of bolts and nuts required. It provides free-standing shelving units, adjustable shelving, and is accessible from any side. It makes an optimum choice as a storage solution in an office. 

Wire Decking Shelving 

They are particularly useful in a warehouse scenario due to their sturdy construction and ease of assembly. The wire mesh design in the center allows items to be stored securely and safely on the shelf, with the ability to stack items on top without the risk of collapse.