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5 Reasons To Move To Kansas City

How is Kansas City not the best place to live in the US? KC is so cool it ignored prohibition in the 1920s, had four presidents dine at Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque, and is home to over 220 parks.   What’s not to love? Here are the top 5 reasons we think you should move to Kansas City.

1. It’s A Young Community

The average age in Kansas City is 35, making it one of the most youthful cities in America. It’s great for young people and also young families to feel at home. Sample the craft beers in KC at Prairie Artisan Ales, enjoy fine dining at Le Fou Frog, or party all night in downtown Kansas City. It’s got all the glamor and action of a thriving city, with affordable living that attracts people to the area in their droves.

2. Sunsets And Starlight

Kansas City has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Take a seat from any of the 220 parks for stunning views. Liberty Memorial offers the best vantage point of KC in the city, but Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park and Cliff Drive also offer the opportunity to spot a beautiful sunset. Missed the sunset? Not to worry, the vast open skies also offer a brilliant opportunity to watch the night sky.

3. There’s So Much To Do

You’ll never get bored in KC – there’s something for everyone. If you’ve got a young family why not head down to the Kansas City Zoo, or the Arabia Steamboat Museum? Or if you want to sample some of the local culture, you can head down to the beautiful Loose Park Rose Garden or the American Jazz Museum. Kansas City is also home to the KC River Market, one of the oldest farmer’s markets around. There’s a new experience on every corner for people of all ages to enjoy.

4. It’s The Home Of Barbeque

Kansas City is home to over 100 barbeque places, and people travel from across the world to sample the cuisine. Barbeque began in KC in the early 1920s, and people have been rustling up delicious dishes ever since. Try Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque to dine in the same place as former presidents, or the nationally-acclaimed Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que for some delicious meat.

5. You Can Afford To Live There

Kansas City has all the draw of a big city, but with affordable housing thrown in. The price of food, admission to sites, and even healthcare is one of the best in the US. The cost of living is 2.5% below the national average, yet KC’s median income is eleventh in the whole of the US, making it one of the wealthiest cities with the cheapest living costs. Combine that with the amount of free entertainment, like the parks and markets, and it’s easy to afford to live there.
So how is Kansas City not your number one place to move to? Whether you’re a barbeque aficionado or just want to sit and watch the sunset, KC has something to offer everyone. Click here to get moving!