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Here’s Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding in 2022

In 2019, over 20% of big days were destination weddings. With travel temporarily suspended during the pandemic, many people remember travel with wistful nostalgia and can’t wait to get back out there again. If you’re planning a wedding and itching to travel to sunnier climes, why not consider a destination wedding in 2022. 

Weddings 2022: Smaller and More Intimate Abroad

Most destination weddings tend to have 60 guests or less, which is far more intimate than the usual 100-120 for large wedding parties. You can travel to your wedding knowing only your nearest and dearest will be with you to celebrate. When planning a huge event, you might find your mum wants to invite Great Aunt Shirley or Second Cousin Sheila to your wedding. Destination wedding? Sorry, no room for Great Uncle Eddie. Close friends and family only.

Wedding And Honeymoon Combined

While many people think destination weddings are more expensive than traditional events, that is not always true. If you’re merging your honeymoon with your big day, you could save thousands. A recent UK study reveals that couples normally spend double on their honeymoon compared with traditional holidays. If your honeymoon and wedding are in the same place, think of how much money you’ll save. You don’t even have to organize any of it when you work with a company like MTI Events (https://www.mtievents.com/personal-and-leisure-travel/destination-wedding-coordination/
) to coordinate everything!

It’s Much More Memorable

Destination weddings in 2022 are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting married on a sunny beach abroad is infinitely more memorable than a standard huge wedding event. A destination wedding is much more memorable for your guests, but also most importantly, for you as a couple. Don’t you want your big day to be something that you remember forever?

You Might Have More Control Over The Weather

Okay, so we aren’t gods, and can’t guarantee good weather just because we want it. But if you’re from a rainy or colder region, chances are getting married in a warm country might at least increase the chances of some summer sun on your wedding day. Trade in the certainty of a rainy day and give you and your guests the promise of decent weather.

You Get The Chance To Do A Pre-Wedding Trip

Planning a destination wedding is the perfect opportunity for another holiday. You can’t get married if you’ve not seen the venue, right? A pre-wedding site trip is a perfect opportunity for another vacation in addition to the big day itself. Spend an extended weekend in the summer sun scouting for your perfect holiday venue.
A destination wedding is not only a one-off opportunity to get married abroad. You’ll have a more intimate guest list, sunny skies, and a more memorable wedding at the same time. At the very least, a destination wedding offers the chance to enjoy a pre-wedding holiday. While huge events can be fun, why not trade in the stress for a little adventure for your wedding in 2022.