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What are some great, family-friendly, golf trips to take?

There’s nothing quite like taking a family vacation where you can all bond over one singular activity. This is why many families enjoy going on road trips, or camping, or when the parents feel it necessary, take a culturally enriching trip around an area with great history.
Yet another great way to bring your family together and help them bond over an experience is to consider a sporting adventure. Golfing sticks out as a great sport for this, because it can be enjoyed no matter your age, as there are various grades of what kind of golf you may like to play.
Furthermore, golfing is by its very nature outdoors, in a green environment, removing you from any pollution and sense of being overwhelmed by the number of tourists around you. Golf is also not as physically demanding as other sports thanks to golf carts and walking in curated environments, so even aging relatives can get in on the action.
But what are some great, family-friendly gold trips that we would like to recommend? In this post, we hope to discuss that and more:

Where To Look/What To Look For

Some essential places to look depending on the country you hope to attend are TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google business reviews.
We would also recommend looking for group golf trips that offer package discounts to sell you a number of rounds or days on the field itself. Make sure you are given enough time as part of the deal and that this isn’t a supplementary cost added on later.
Family-friendly golfing trips will be designed around the needs of children, too. Children cannot hold and drive clubs, and so small child alternatives like child-friendly driving ranges, mini-golf courses, and spectating zones can be important. Additionally, family-friendly golf courses will offer immediate on-site refreshments and toilet facilities, allowing you to keep up with the daily needs as you partake in this peaceful game.

4 of the best gold trips for families to take:

La Costa, California

La Costa Champion’s course is known for hosting a PGA tour event, but it has also grown in scope to allow families to make use of these beautiful grounds. They offer four-passenger golf carts, with luxurious rooms and a traditional hotel experience. They also provide two 100-foot water slides should you need a little fun and stress relief. Children under 18 pay half the green fee.

Boyne Resorts, Michigan

Of the 11 courses spread among three resort sites, Boyne Resorts is known for how welcoming they are towards families of all types. They have a variety of courses and offer kids under the age of 18 to play free after 2 pm. They also offer paintball, segways, and wakeboarding utilities.

Kapalua, Hawaii

It doesn’t take much encouragement for someone to warmly accept a vacation to Hawaii, but the Kapalua golf resort is just the cherry on top. With two highly regarded courses and direct access to a plethora of beaches and incredible ocean views, Kapalua is the place to go if you prioritize an ideal setting and a focused retreat.

Walt Disney World, Florida

A well-known park often visited for its theme park and studio attractions, Walt Disney World also offers an incredible 18-hole golf course that used to be part of the PGA tour. With the Disney Saratoga Springs resort overlooking the Lake Buena Vista Golf Course, you’re sure to have all your needs attended to. Of course, anything with the Disney branding is also sure to provide a premium family experience no matter what.
Putting together a trip like these might seem intimidating, but of course, there are always companies you can go to for unique group golf trips and vacation planning.